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2H-Term designs and produces temperature probes and sensors for various industrial applications.

The experience gained in 30 years of designing and producing temperature probes and sensors allows us to create probes that can operate in the different conditions of industrial plants and equipment up to the most critical conditions such as:

  • from the highest temperatures of thermal fusion processes, to the coldest temperatures in the cryogenic field;
  • pressure and vacuum: High pressure in gas treatment processes and chemical and petrochemical processes, or the vacuum of autoclaves and metal treatment furnaces up to laboratory equipment;
  • the scope in the piping of large industrial plants which requires specific dimensions and thicknesses and robust fixing systems;
  • aggressive atmospheres. Aggressive acids and vapors where the choice of coating material is a fundamental parameter;
  • vibrazioni e sollecitazioni meccaniche. La costruzione di un elemento robusto e montato con attenzione con le migliori soluzioni per evitare tensioni e criticità ed evitare rotture improvvise e inaspettate.

We make custom temperature probes and sensors.
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