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Temperature probes can be created in an infinite number of solutions. For many of these, the choice of the most suitable connection cable is a very important choice to have a correct and constant reading over time and to avoid having errors generated by external electromagnetic fields.

In the case of temperature probes with thermocouple, the choice of cable is also linked to the reference standard for colouring and the type of thermocouple used.

Here we propose various alternatives for the selection of cable materials based on the required usage characteristics including flexibility, softness and resistance to external stress.

Cables materials


TeflonTM cables are characterized by an excellent relationship between flexibility, robustness and resistance to external chemical agents and steam. Normally used in Food or Pharmaceutical applications.

Mainly 2 types of TeflonTM are used:

  • MFA -200÷250°C
  • PTFE -200÷270°C


Silicon cables are characterized by extreme flexibility. It is commonly used where good temperature resistance is required together with good flexibility for positioning and handling.

  • Silicon: -50÷180°C


PVC cables are characterized by low cost.

Normally used for general purpose applications

  • PVC: -30÷115°C


Kapton cables are characterized by excellent resistance to temperatures combined with good flexibility.

Typically used for furnace applications.

  • Kapton: -350°C (450°C per brevissimo periodo)


Fiberglass cables are characterized by excellent resistance to temperatures combined with excellent mechanical strength and low cost.

It’s not waterproof.

Typically used for furnace applications.

  • Fiberglass: 350°C


The Shield can be requested on all types of cables indicated above and is normally used for further mechanical protection and for shielding from electromagnetic fields which can couple on the signal conductors.

The Screen can be:

  • Tinned copper
  • Inox

Cables type

Outer sheath Inner sheath Shield Range Temperature
PVC PVC -30÷115°C
PVC PVC SI -30÷115°C
Silicon Silicon -50÷180°C
TeflonTM Silicon -50÷180°C
TeflonTM TeflonTM -200÷270°C (PTFE) -200÷250°C (MFA)
TeflonTM TeflonTM SI -200÷270°C (PTFE) -200÷250°C (MFA)
Kapton Kapton 350°C
Fiberglass Fiberglass Y 350°C
Fiberglass Fiberglass YES (INOX) 350°C

The choice of materials and technical solutions is the result of over 30 years of experience that 2H-Term puts at your disposal. We can offer both standard Temperature Probes and customized Temperature Probes, providing comprehensive support to identify the best solution based on your specific needs and applications.



2 Wires 3 Wires 4 Wires
White White White
Red Red Red
Red Red


Type EN 60584.3 ASTM-230E DIN 43714
Sheath Color Wire Sheath Color Wire Sheath Color Wire
J L* Black + Black Black + White Blue + Red
White Red Blue
K Green
+ Verde Green Giallo Yellow + Giallo Yellow Verde Green + Red
White Red Green
N Pink + Pink Orange + Orange n.a.
White Red
R Orange + Orange Green + Black n.a.
White Red
S Orange + Orange Green + Black White + Red
White Red White
B Grey + Grey Grey + Grey Grey + Red
White Red Grey
T Brown + Brown Blue + Blue Brown + Red
White Red Brown

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